Top 5 Best Golf Balls For Women

Great golfers realize that every aspect of the game offers room for improvement or tweaking. Of course, there are times that this can be overdone, and golfers are notorious for taking their focus on equipment over the top. However, playing with the best golf ball for you can improve your game, and all women golfers should take a look at the golf ball they are playing. 

With all the advances in golf ball technology, women golfers have more options than ever before. Let’s look at the top 5 best golf balls for women golfers.

Do Women Golfers Need To Use Women’s Golf Balls? 

The top question we get about the best golf balls for women golfers is whether or not women must use a golf ball specifically designed for the female golfer. The answer is a definitive NO. 

There are more ladies golf balls than ever before, but women golfers should play with a golf ball that suits their game, their swing speed, their budget, and their feel and color preferences. It does not matter at all whether that golf ball is marketed specifically as a lady golf ball or not. There really is no such thing as a men’s golf ball, it’s just a golf ball. That said, there are design features of certain premium balls popular on the PGA Tour and men players, such as the Titleist Pro V1 or the Callaway Chrome Soft X, that are not maximized for the slower swing speed of most lady golfers.

When considering ladies golf balls, slow swing speed should be one of your primary considerations since it impacts both distance and ball flight. In addition, low compression golf balls have a soft feel that most lady golfers prefer.

Best Overall Golf Balls For Women: Callaway Supersoft

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is inching its way up as the best overall golf ball for all amateur golfers, women included. The Supersoft golf ball, as you would guess from its name, has a very soft feel. It has been around for a few years and continues to be improved. The new cover and low compression make it one of the best choices on the market for players with slower golf club swing speeds. 

A new hybrid cover helps this soft golf ball have a little more spin around the greens providing impressive control without sacrificing ball speed on long shots. You will benefit significantly from the soft feel and long distance the Supersoft can provide. 

Not that it should be your only consideration in women’s golf balls, but the pricing of the Supersoft is also very attractive. It also comes in a nice range of colors so you’re likely to find something you like. For our money, the Callaway Supersoft is the best women’s golf ball.

What We Like 

  • Very low compression core provides a soft feel and is easier for a slower swing speed
  • Hex Aerodynamics for reduced drag
  • Higher ball flight than other golf balls on the market
  • Great combination of a high-velocity golf ball with low spin on long shots

What We Don’t Like 

  • We are hoping to see a new model of the Supersoft that will spin even more around the greens

Best Golf Balls For Women Beginners: Bridgestone Lady Precept

Bridgestone is a golf ball company that has done quite a bit to stress the importance of playing with the proper golf ball. The Lady Precept is among the better ladies golf balls for a lower swing speed golfer looking for a mix of soft feel and ball speed. 

As a beginner player, you will want to choose a low compression golf ball that provides a softer feel, higher ball flight, and maximum distance. Importantly, the soft feel of the Lady Precept will make those initial miss-hits much less harsh for a new player. Colors are limited to white and pink.

What We Like 

  • Softer core and low compression for a soft feel and more control around the greens
  • Very little vibration at impact 
  • Gradational core compression technology for impressive ball speed and distance 

What We Don’t Like 

  • Cover seems to cut a little easier than other golf balls

Best Golf Balls For Senior Women: Srixon Soft Feel Lady

Senior women golfers tend to lose their clubhead speed and therefore need a low compression ball that helps improve the short game, keeps the shot straighter, and provides a higher ball flight. When your long game starts to go, it is essential to make up those shots around the putting green. 

The Srixon Soft Feel Lady golf ball is an impressive two-piece design that has a soft, thin cover that provides a lady golf ball with a really soft feel. Getting the ball to stop and stay on the green is reasonably easy with the Srixon Soft Feel Lady golf ball in play. 

In addition, the softer, low compression core allows for an easier compression for the slower swing speed senior lady golfer. With the Speed Dimple Pattern, golfers will notice a much easier time getting the ball up off the ground. Remember, the longer the ball stays in the air, the further it will fly. The Srixon Soft Feel Lady is available in white and pink.

What We Like

  • Low compression core
  • Speed Dimple pattern for reduced drag 
  • Increased ball flight  

What We Don’t Like 

  • Not the longest golf ball on the market

Best Distance Golf Balls For Women: Titleist Velocity

The Titleist Velocity golf ball is the best distance golf ball for women golfers. For the female golfer that wants to try and hit the ball a long way and eliminate any of that pesky side spin, Titleist can help. This is not specifically a lady golf ball, but that should not deter you from using it, but that should not deter any female golfer from using it if they are looking for distance. 

The two-piece design is created with a Suryln cover to decrease spin from the tee but increase it around the greens. If you want the driver to travel far but have your seven iron to stop, the Titleist Velocity can do the trick. It does have a softer feel than most distance balls which is nice. Plus, it is offered in matte green, pink, and orange in addition to white so it can make quite a fashion statement.

What We Like 

  • Lower spin and longer distance
  • Easy to launch 
  • Moderate compression rating for mid to fast swing speed lady golfers
  • Softer feel than most other distance golf balls 

What We Don’t Like 

  • High price for a two-piece golf ball

Best Spin Golf Balls For Women: Vice Pro Soft

Spin can be a difficult thing for the woman golfer. So many golf balls on the market are designed to increase distance and roll which can make it tough to stop a ball on the green. The better a woman golfer gets, the more critical it is to have a ball with better spin characteristics so she can really attack the pin! 

The Vice Pro Soft is a three-piece, low compression golf ball that allows for a high short game spin, even without a very high swing speed. The color choices on the Vice Pro Soft are unique to the market and make it easier to find and identify your golf ball, not to mention making a bold fashion statement. 

The fact that this three-piece design has a thinner cover is partly what allows the woman golfer to stop the ball where they need to. If you have not yet tried a Vice golf ball, this is the time to give it a shot. Plus, no company provides more color options than Vice Golf.

What We Like 

  • Extra greenside spin 
  • New color options to choose from 
  • Low compression works well for the medium to low swing speed players trying to develop more spin 
  • 3 Piece design 

What We Don’t Like 

  • To generate spin, golfers still need moderate clubhead speed

How To Choose A Golf Ball For Women 

Each of the golf balls on our list of the top 5 best golf balls for women golfers has some unique characteristics that help set it apart. While each of these golf balls is great, the key is the best fit for your game. Here are the things women golfers should be considering when purchasing a golf ball. 

Compression Rating

The compression rating is essentially a number that tells us how hard it is to compress a golf ball. In order to hit the golf ball far, you must compress it. Faster swing speed players have a much easier time compressing a golf ball because of the speed and power they create. 

For the most part, women golfers need a golf ball with a low compression rating. Stay away from the premium golf balls meant for a high swing speed, such as the Titleist Pro V1, unless you have a moderate to high swing speed.

Number of Pieces

Most golf balls for women golfers are two pieces. This is because the majority of the golf balls are distance golf balls designed to roll a long way. We love that the new Vice Pro Soft is an excellent option for women and has three-piece technology. 

With three pieces, players can get distance from the tee and spin around the greens. 


The color of the golf ball can help reduce glare and increase focus on the golf course. For some people, the best color is simply to stick with the white golf ball. Yellow and even green have been known as the most highly visible. The pink and purple that many women’s golf balls are offered in would be more personal preference than a performance-based decision. 

Spin Characteristics 

Women’s golf balls are mostly low spin to help increase the distance off the tee. Make sure to choose a low spin golf ball with a soft cover so that you will have a chance to stop the ball on the green or even spin the ball a bit. 


Golf balls for women tend to range in price from around $18 a dozen to closer to $50 a dozen. Most of the best golf balls on the market fall within the $20 to $35 range. This is where you see the two and three-piece balls with the performance and feel necessary to make a difference on the course. 


We hope you now feel you can choose a women’s golf ball with confidence. With these great options, you really can’t go wrong. Sometimes it takes playing a few rounds of golf with some different equipment to find a match for your golf game. The Callaway Supersoft is a great place to start as it truly has the feel, distance, and compression that a woman golfer needs and delivers it all at a great price point.