How To Hit Down On The Golf Ball?

How to hit down on the golf ball? If you’re having trouble with your ball striking, instructors will frequently urge you to hit the ball down harder. On the other hand, many novice golfers have a wrong idea of what it means to “hit down” on the ball. Compressing the golf ball is the correct phrase to employ.

The issue is that most golfers do not know how to swing the club when they claim things like “hitting down on the ball.

Even though their local teaching pro may clarify it, they will nod their heads in assent and swing the club while striking fat shots that go nowhere. They strike the ground rather than the golf ball.

Most golfers cannot simply choose whether or not to strike “down,” as it necessitates a downward angle of attack.

What Does It Mean To Hit Down On The Golf Ball?

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How To Hit Down On The Golf Ball?

Is hitting down on the golf ball that simple? If we strike the ball before the clubhead reaches its lowest point, we are hitting down on it. As a result, we also have a lower angle of attack.

Your first swing thought is almost certainly to move the ball position back in your stance to hit lower and earlier in your arc, or to move the ball forward in your stance to hit higher and later in your arc, depending on your preference. That is, in fact, not the case at all!

In the back and front ball positions, you may attack from either an upwards or a downward angle of approach.

If you want to hit down on the ball, your weight center must be over or slightly ahead of the ball.

A wide stance and slanted spine will make it tough to strike the ball down if you’re aiming at the target.

If you want to hit the ball down, narrow your stance, keep your hands ahead of the clubhead, and feel your sternum is over the ball.

Consider the following ideas to improve your iron game:

  1. If you’re in a good backswing position with weight on the instep of your back foot, your first move down the line should be a forward hip bump that transfers your weight toward the target.
  2. When the shot is done, stay in position and look towards the target.
  3. Take a look down and through.
  4. Keep your knees flexed at impact, especially your back knee. As a result, a downward stroke is created.

Steps Of How To Hit Down On The Golf Ball?

Following are the three steps to hit down on the golf ball:

1. Use Your Lower Body To Lead The Way

After you’ve achieved the top, shift your left hip in the direction of the goal. Make careful to carry out this step before moving your arms. The main objective of this drill is to get your belt buckle ahead of the ball before it hits. It’s a bit jump but essential.

It also helps you hit the ball before the clubhead makes contact with it, which is crucial for generating a powerful shot. Your belt buckle should be in front of the ball’s route when you strike it.

2. Strike From The Palm Of Your Hand

You must keep your palm facing the ground as you approach the delivery zone. This will ensure that the downward strike is accurate. The ball will face the target. As a result of this, the face will be squared off. To compress the ball rather than scoop it off the ground, keep your palm facing the target or gulp pointing up toward the sky. Strike the ball with your right palm facing the ground to compress it.

3. Get Up To Speed!

Move your left side up and back while applying downward pressure with your right hand and right side. That isn’t all. As a result of this, your swing speed will significantly improve. The ball will “squeeze” against the clubface if you get it right. Take a left turn at impact. The ball will go before the ground does.

To Impress, Use This Simple Drill

The goal of any shot is to compress the ball as tightly as possible. Your attack angle determines the best path through impact. Slide a tee into the ground behind the ball and imagine the clubhead as a hammer, pounding the tee further into the earth below the ball while establishing position. Try to match your swing once you’ve done that, and the ball will take off.

Hit Down On The Golf Ball Like A Pro

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How To Hit Down On The Golf Ball?

Hit the ball down and make a hole,” you might hear that one from your Grandpa because I did. Although it’s good advice, putting it into practice isn’t always straightforward. There are a few postures to consider. Take a look at them.

To begin, concentrate and aim for the left side of your chest, where your shirt’s logo is. It’s challenging to hit the ball down if it’s too high in your stance, but if it’s too low, you won’t be able to raise it at all. If you have the ball, it’s harder to make a substantial downswing shift to your front side. The most crucial move into impact is the forward shift.

The second position to become pro is when you’re in your posture and swinging down and through. One of the most common reasons people straighten up is to raise the ball, but it can also be because maintaining a straight posture while turning is more complicated.

When the ball hits the ground, consider feeling like your chest is positioned over it. If you do that, you’ll be able to stay lower and closer to the shot.

Your right arm, shoulder, and knee should all be pointed toward the target (above). You won’t be able to slow down before impact and attempt to scoop or flip the ball off the ground if you aim your entire body at the target. When striking a ball, good iron players utilize their right arm and body the same way. When a shortstop throws hard to first base in the hopes of turning a double play, nothing stays back.

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